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About 3D Host
ActiveWorlds HostingNote: 3D Host has ceased all hosting operations and no longer accepts new customers. This page remains for historical purposes.

We specialize in inexpensive ActiveWorlds hosting and virtual Web hosting for those interested in computer generated art, machinima, short films, movies, virtual reality and gaming -- as well as Web sites that deal with a wide range of other topics.

Feel free to host your 3D demo reel, computer generated art, models, textures or animations with us. In addition to virtual Web hosting, 3D Host also offers object path, bot and world hosting for ActiveWorlds users (see the section below for more information).

We've been hosting since 1998, have over six years of experience dealing with ActiveWorlds and possess over a decade of general computer experience. Here at 3D Host, we strive to maintain an affordable, smooth and speedy hosting solution with minimal downtime. We do our best to ensure the quality of our services and pass savings onto you.

3D Host is based in the United States (in Pennsylvania) and is owned by Vast Nexus. We deeply respect and care about you (our customer), holding both your opinions and privacy in high regard. Let's work together to find a solution that caters to your particular hosting needs.

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 * Click here to read our most frequently asked questions (with answers).

About ActiveWorlds
AWGate WorldActiveWorlds (AW for short) is a three-dimensional (3D), multi-user software program that allows people from all over the world to interact with each other in real-time over the Internet. Unlike computer games such as Quake and Half-Life (that are made up of pre-compiled, non-changeable levels), you are able to change almost any aspect of the 3D environment on-the-fly, in real-time.

AW was originally designed to be run on the Microsoft Windows operating system, but may be used on Mac and Unix-based systems via software emulation. AW also has a chat feature, instant messaging (called telegrams), a built-in contact list and multi-lingual support. Users can claim their own virtual property and literally build their own homes out of thin air. This virtual property is stored on what is called a world server.

COFMeta WorldEach world usually has an underlying theme or setting to it that users try to follow. Currently, there are over a thousand different worlds in the AW universe. One of the services 3D Host offers is ActiveWorlds world hosting (keeping worlds online and operational year-round). You can add sound, music (including MP3 files), lighting, timing effects, animation and more to each and every object you build.

Building is done using the mouse and/or keyboard. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to building -- almost anything that you can imagine can be created. In addition, each user can choose from a large list of avatars (virtual reputations of yourself in the 3D environment). All of the objects and avatars in a world are stored on an object path -- which is why we offer object path hosting as well.

Bot Hosting ServicesGames (such as tag, chess, checkers, role-playing and paintball) can also be played within ActiveWorlds, adding even more fun to the mix. However, ActiveWorlds itself is not classified as just a game. It is better described as a virtual online community. You can play games in AW through the use of a bot (a special program that resides in a world and interacts with the virtual environment and other users); but ActiveWorlds itself is not a game. Bots can greatly enhance the level of interactivity in AW. Yes, we offer bot hosting, too.

 * Learn more about our ActiveWorlds hosting services by clicking here.
 * Visit the official ActiveWorlds Web site and learn more about it by clicking here.

History of ActiveWorlds
AWGate WorldActiveWorlds was originally called Alpha World and created in 1995 by a company called Worlds Incorporated (now known as Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. (COF for short) later acquired the program and its chief employees eventually formed Activeworlds Corporation (AWC). AWC was a publicly traded company for a certain amount of time, until most of its assets were sold off and ownership was transferred.

Activeworlds Incorporated (AWI for short) now owns and runs ActiveWorlds. ActiveWorlds' original creator and lead programmer, Ron Britvich, no longer works on the project. Today, the AW software remains one of the most popular multi-user, real-time 3D environments on the Internet. For more information regarding ActiveWorlds' history, we suggest you look at the following Web sites:

 * Mauz's Active Worlds History Pages
 * Alpha World Historical Society (AWHS)
 * The Moyes Report

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